Quarantine Encouragement #1

Whether this season is one of quiet and emptiness or it’s filled with crazy kids all day, God is with us each moment of every day. He desires to be with us in whatever we’re doing so take some time and invite Him in. When you do, you may be surprised to see how He is working in the different parts of your life. 

One of the things that He has been showing me is to look for the little things in life that He gives us. This journey of finding the small things began last year during my DTS when I started recognizing how something as small as playing jump rope with the kids would bring such a smile to their cute little faces. 

In this current season with the base being closed, I have found joy with some of the amazing sunsets we get to see and during the day I smile when I see the sea gulls out flying through the sky. I have found joy in the connectedness that has come about because of the quarantine and in learning to cook

Each of these experiences and things bring joy because He speaks to me or reminds me of His promises to us. The sunsets are a reminder that He fearfully and wonderfully created me and knows my innermost being. When the seagulls fly around, it’s a reminder of the passage in Matthew 6 that speaks about God caring for us so much more than the birds or the flowers. The connectedness that has happened over video chats are a reminder that God uses us in ways we could never imagine. With learning to cook, as crazy and stressful as it can be, the ending is worth it. It’s a reminder that none of us are at home anywhere in this world, our true home is in Heaven one day with our Lord. 

So I want to ask: how is God bringing joy to you during this season? What are the small things He has given you that you may have never before realized? 

I am praying that He will move within your life and that He will bring a deep joy unlike any you’ve ever experienced. I pray that you will have peace beyond comprehension in these times and I pray that these times will draw you near to Him like never before.

We don’t know what lies ahead, but we can be excited for what is to come because greater things have yet to come

Stay safe and keep being awesome, 

Kristina Zuroff 

One thought on “Quarantine Encouragement #1

  1. You are such a blessing to me. You are so young , but so strong in your faith, you have a grace, understanding, and beauty that bares witness, Your unwavering commitment to our Lord God is so evident by your words, example, and your servants heart. So very glad that God has put you in my life and the life of so many. I have the most respect for you. I have no doubt that you have and will continue to be a instrument of Gods love for us . Very proud of you. Have no doubt as to why God chose you to be part of the greater plan. Oh how your parents must take such pride in the girl who became a woman who chose to be a teacher by doing. Love to you , Laurie


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